Dream Egypt!

Dream Egypt!

Egypt described as the world's greatest open-air. museum Luxor represents an excellent base for touring capturing the essence of Egypt from the city itself on the east bank of the Nile which is the starting point the coronas Nile cruises to Thebes on the west bank and Carnac just to the north.

This area comprises extraordinary temples colorfully decorated, royal tombs and picturesque ruins.

Journey To Egypt posts a wide range of experiences in and around Luxor enjoy the sunrise from a hot-air balloon ride over the farmland on the west bank of the Nile and take in the stunning views of the Thebes mountains drift over breathtaking ancient monuments such as the valleys of the kings and queens and had sheep shoots temple for a unique perspective before exploring these archaeological sites more thoroughly upon the ground set against the backdrop of the glorious thieves mountains.

The Ramesseum temple affords intricate stone carvings of the ancient Pharaoh's after a visit to these sites on the west bank. The alabaster factory is a great stop to buy some traditionally made souvenirs back in the city ride a horse and carriage down the main Cornish road and stop off at the charming Luxor Museum.

The temple in the center of Luxor is not to be missed with its impressive Ramses the second statues and a beautiful ancient mosque whilst the Karnak temple, the largest temple in Egypt affords impressive herbalists and hieroglyphics stay for the impressive evening, sound and light show after a bargaining skills with the locals or take a leisurely sunset felucca ride on the Nile combine and stay at Luxor with a co only Nile cruise to discover more of each its treasures along the banks of this majestic river past Ed food and romance of travels golden age.

The lazuli is a truly unique vessel offering first-class accommodation whilst. The luxury Nile cruises offer the utmost in comfort and style and the deluxe ones offer some of the best value Nile cruising Available holidays to Egypt are as flexible as you are combined the magnificent sights of Luxor with the awe-inspiring pyramids. Some Red Sea or as part of a complete tour through the kaleidoscope of Egypt's wonders offers the best of luck sauce fabulous blend of ancient sites and the modern soak up three millennia of ancient Egyptian history or enjoy guaranteed sunshine at one of the many luxurious interns no one knows that planet like us visit soon.