Egypt Spiritual Tours

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Egypt Spiritual Tours

Since recorded history, Egypt has attracted pilgrims from all corners of the world. One of the most sacred and spiritual places on this planet, Egypt remains today, living, breathing proof of an extraordinary ancient civilization. Experience spiritual tours to Egypt, it is a unique tour, combining exceptional natural with historical beauty. Browse our Egypt Spiritual Tours and book the best spiritual vacation to discover the mysteries of Egypt.

Egypt spiritual journeys

Egypt Spiritual Tours

If you feel a call to visit Egypt, imagine going there to have a past life regression inside the Great Pyramid. Now you can ! Join us for this amazing 12 day Egypt Spiritual Tours. Escaping the crowds for a while, scramble to the edge of the Nile to meditate, close your eyes and imagine the dawn rituals that were conducted thousands of years ago. No of Days: 12 Days-11 Nights |Type: Private Tour | Run: Evey Day

Sema Taw Y, The initiation of life

Sema Taw Y, The initiation of life You are invited! Join us on this ultimate experience: a journey of spiritual enlightenment through the land of Egypt, with 9 days of magic. Egypt .. the land of the gods. According to ancient Egyptian traditions, “as above, so below”; they worked hard to manifest heaven on earth through marvelous temples, to connect with the Ntrs of Egypt. Egypt is one entity, in one body. It represents the microcosmic law. They linked the organs of this body with our chakras. So, in this magnificent journey, we will be inspired by the Etheric - Spiritual power stored in the temples “chakras”; we will contemplate in order to find our lost magical breath of heaven on earth. We invite you to join our professional spiritual team of Egyptologists, to ride the ship of Ra, touch the horizon of Horus, touch the walls of the veiled temple of the heart, and listen to the hymns of your inner sanctum. We have given at the end of the program an insight of what this tour encompasses. The points for discussion: The initiation of life First of all, we shall discuss this essential question; the initiation of what? The ancient Egyptian mixes between unique ancient technology and his solid belief of the hidden realm, according to a great ordeal! This ordeal raises when he feels the bounding of matter, and how it enforces his reality into a very limited image. His heart is telling him that his reality is far different, far grander. He believes in his existence as a microcosmic image of the cosmos itself. So, he digs more, he contemplates on the truth which is hidden in plain sight. Using deep meditation and geometry, as well as the lessons of nature, he develops a new state with these tools, to manifest his real soul, his real essence, and his real inner God. He develops his perception, his subtle sensory and his way of life, connecting to his origins. He activates his sleeping DNA code to manifest the universe in his thoughts, feelings, and even his smile. Even now, you can find traces of this state... Shamanic origins of Egyptian spirituality are truly clear. Egyptians developed a new logical technique to link between the shamanic power of nature and the form of life style. The land of Egypt itself helps Egyptians to grasp their lost vibration. This vibration, which is related to the in-between zone, is between matter and subtle energy. This exact state helps all premiers to develop the new form of civilized life, like Plato and Pythagoras. The lost science: Logically, there are two types of thinking: analytical logic, and structural logic. The ancient Egyptian added a new way of thinking to his logic: the introspection way of thinking. He could paint using a stored vision of the future, because of the belief of the oneness of universe and he is simply the representation of this image. So, he develops new tools to achieve that. He extends the fabric of his consciousness to maintain all paradox of unseen universe. This important step helps him have the science now lost: the lost science of life, the royal art which others call magic, simple and efficient. We will show in The initiation of life how ancient Egyptians could reach professional theories of science and represent them in a form of codex. The secrets were always in the philosophy of the hidden meaning of the sacred symbols, and not just in the quick readings of the texts; the ancient Egyptian relied on hiding the simplest secrets in the folds of complex stories. It is not easy to decipher them unless you are aware of the idea of universal education. At Dendera, in the temple of Hathor, we can find the steps of cell multiplication crafts on walls of the temple as a representation of DNA process being the overlay of the cosmos. temple is simply a manifestation of alchemical marriage "the soul of the God". All symbols represent the calling of the state of blessing. Therefore The initiation of life is simply the manifestation of this state, symbolizing the cosmic laws with the art of studying and observing the lost details of this ancient state which Egyptians used to have as ways of gathering the magical effect of blessing and of the lost technologies of healing. The unique process of thinking, the intuition, the intelligence of grasping the thought of universe were defined as a balance between darkness and light. Finally, they developed tools to manifest a real spiritual life style. Atrium journey From ….to … A Program of 8 Nights 9 Days’ through the Egyption Chakras location

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