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Awards, Certificate of Excellence

Egypt Traveller Reviews- Journey To Egypt

Luxor 85952, Egypt

Fernando A 11 Reviewed 1 week ago via mobile

My best vacations

Visiting Egypt was one of my best experiences in my life, thanks to all the Osama team, the tour guides were very friendly and very professional, 100% recommended. Thanks a lot

travelz2day Washington DC, District of Columbia 13 Reviewed 4 weeks ago via mobile

The Best book with confidence!

The customer service alone is phenomenal. Before arriving in Egypt I communicated with Mazen and customer service team and they were on it! Answered all my questions and got me the VIP treatment without breaking the bank! I really wish I could visit Egypt every month because of the great service and reception I received from crew at Journey to Egypt. If you can try to get Mazen as your guide he really goes above and beyond for his clients which he calls family! I recommend them 100% book with them you will not regret it!!! komendowskim New York City, New York 12 Reviewed 4 weeks ago

Fantastic Trip

I did 3 tours with Journey to Egypt, Nile Cruise from Luxor to Aswan, The Pyramids and Coptic Cairo and all were of the best quality. Osama and George were extremely knowledgable and went above and beyond to make sure I had a memorable time. These guys should be a part of everybody's trip to Egypt.

KodoDrummer Yekaterinburg, Russia 8601407 Reviewed May 28, 2018

Exciting journey & wonderful tour guides

It was a fun trip, by dingy and camel, to Luxor. A guided tour is the only good way to make this journey. Our very knowledgeable tour guides were fantastic, helpful, and provided lots of direction and insight into what we were seeing. The dinghy combing its way through the Nile branch provided us with great views, and our guide made it into an even more enjoyable, and information-filled trip. This was a worry-free excursion. The tour company had everything well-planned in advance.

firealien2001 Taipei, Taiwan 11 Reviewed May 22, 2018 via mobile

Great experience in Luxor

Joining this trip has become the best memory in Luxor! We visited the remarkable historical sites with Osama, and learned many of Egyptian culture and stories. Osama is very warm and thoughtful who took care of every detail for us. And he has abundant knowledge about the ancient Egypt. You can see a great passion on him toward the Egypt culture. We really had a great time, and choosing Osama has been a right choice:)

Katya1023g Seattle, Washington 73 Reviewed April 29, 2018 via mobile

Wonderful trip

I had such an amazing time in Egypt, and a big part of that was due to this company. My guide was George, and he was with me for four days from Aswan to Luxor. He was so incredibly friendly and knowledgeable, and was able to answer all of my questions. Because I was traveling alone, I wasn’t sure how to see all the sites I wanted to see while taking the Nile cruise, and Osama made it so simple by arranging everything. I’m not usually a tour guide person, but I thoroughly enjoyed my trip, and cannot recommend Journey To Egypt more!!

Joy C Chicago, Illinois 36 Reviewed April 28, 2018 via mobile

Amazing vacation in Egypt I

Osama from Journey to Egypt tailored the entire week for me. Traveling solo, I wanted to ensure I selected a reliable tour based on reviews. Osama is extremely responsive and was in communication with me throughout my vacation. I booked this trip last minute and Osama planned the entire week for me and had every detail outlined so I knew exactly who I would be meeting with each day. He also made great recommendations for side trips. I spent the first day with Alfred in Giza at the Pyramids, Sphinx, Papyrus, and Cairo Museum. Alfred is so passionate about Egyptian history and I soaked it all in. He knew so many people and was an amazing tour guide with extensive knowledge. Spent the next day in Alexandria with Neveen and had a wonderful tour to the Catacombs, Library, Citadel and a perfect lunch overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Flew to Luxor and was greeted by John at the airport and visited temples before embarking on a Nile Cruise. John spent the next amazing 5 days with me all the way to Aswan. John made this voyage extra special with his knowledge and insight. Osama checked in with me every day to ensure everything was going smoothly. He even called the hotel shuttle bus driver on my return trip to Cairo from Aswan to confirm I had been picked up from the airport safely. Egypt is a beautiful country with extraordinary history and Osama ensured I was in great hands with private tour guides and drivers the entire vacation. I highly recommend Journey to Egypt for an unforgettable holiday!

Kim P Kamloops, Canada 26 Reviewed April 28, 2018

Love Queen Hatshepsut !

My husband and I travelled to Egypt to visit family living there and they arranged our Nile River Cruise for us as they had previously done the same tour with Journey to Egypt. Our guide Osama met us at the airport with a big smile, water and snacks. Much appreciated. He was very attentive to our needs, always having water available for us and at each site telling us stories about the temples, the pharaohs and the gods which really made the entire tour most enjoyable. He was very knowledgable and would take us into the shade to give us the history as it was very hot during our tour. He always provided free time allowing us the time to take photos and see the things we really wanted to see. Remember that you'll always have time to wander on your own so listen to the stories he tells because it all really comes together by the end of the tour and you'll never forget Queen Hatshepsut ( ie. hot chicken soup or hat cheap suit), she's still my favourite! What a woman:) We had plans to go to Abu Simbel but there was a huge sandstorm the night before and the road to the temple was closed so Osama did some quick rearranging for us and made our last day in Aswan very memorable. We saw the Nubian village ( loved all the colours), the Unfinished Obelisk, the High Dam and Philae ( the temple on the water). Then we took a speed boat back to the ship. Osama's first time in a speed boat and we had a blast. Osama took very good care of us. He helped me purchase some gifts and mementos, and took care of every thing travelling from site to site and on the Nile Cruise Ship. He always provided the schedule for the next day so we knew how long we'd be gone. He also provided internet aboard the boat so that we wouldn't have to pay the premium price the boat would have charged us. We spent many of our meals on the ship with Osama and had many great conversations learning all about Egypt today. This was a trip we will never forget and I would recommend Journey to Egypt to everyone wanting a courteous, knowledgable, fun and friendly guide who has a passion for guiding.

Nairobi, Kenya 11 Reviewed April 14, 2018 via mobile

If you're visit Egypt do it with Osama

When you have kids having a very knowledgeable guide with lots of patience and a smile beginning to end is absolutely priceless . We just came from a week long trip in Egypt , including a Nile cruise and Osama made sure to make it the trip of a lifetime . If you ever decide to go there , do yourself a favor and book with him .

JinSavla Nairobi, Kenya 11 Reviewed April 9, 2018 via mobile

One of the best tours and tour guide

This was the most impromptu trip we could have ever done, but no complaints as Osama ensured that it turned out to be one of the best planned one. We did the Nile Cruise with him on the cruise called Al hambra and it was a fabulous experience. The cruise was great, food, service everything and so were the tours managed by Osama. The guides were well informed and knowledgeable and they ensured that we had a great time We met Osama in Luxor and have to say he is a thorough gentleman. He would always send us the schedule for the day and the next day and would always be available to take our calls. Loved the whole trip, Egypt as a country is beautiful, but when u do it with a knowledgeable tour guide you appreciate the country even more. So I would definitely recommend journey to Egypt if you ever plan a trip to Egypt

Jami B 11 Reviewed March 19, 2018 via mobile

Best Tour Ever

We arrived to Luxor by overnight train from Cairo at 6:45am—an entire hour late BUT Osama was still there to greet us and start our Day tour of the East and West Bank of Luxor. The day was filled with great and educational information about Egyptian history and Osama was a great guide. He answered all questions and provided information about Egyptian culture that we knew nothing of. We finished our tour early (the train back to Cairo was not until 8:30pm) and Osama offered us a ride on the Nile on a felucca boat. We visited a nearby village, Banana village, where we saw local Egyptians living areas and were able to interact with the locals. Osama made sure we comfortable the entire day and even helped us back to the Luxor train station and stayed with us until we boarded. I would suggest this tour to anyone visiting Egypt. Hands down, it was an amazing day tour.

Fernando R 32 Reviewed March 6, 2018 via mobile

Honeymoon trip

My wife and I booked our honeymoon through Osama. He was extremely responsive to all our questions and responded right away. He managed every detail in a meticulous way and made sure we were prepared before we were in Egypt. From the moment we arrived, we felt like royalty. A representative helped us with our luggage and visas. A driver was waiting for us and took us to our hotel with the representative. Mind you, we came in at 2 am and they were very professional and helped us up to the point we checked in to the hotel. Day 1 tour: We were lucky enough to have Dina on our first day in Cairo, who gave us an amazing tour of the pyramids, the Egyptian museum, and a great dinner. She is full of knowledge, very professional and just a great attitude overall. We even took a carriage ride through the dessert and got on a camel (def worth it). Extremely satisfied. Days 2 - 6 tours: We embarked on a Nile cruise from Luxor to Aswan. Osama met us at the airport with a driver. He gave us information on our tour and already started giving us the history of the area in detail. Osama is extremely knowledgeable and one thing that was consistent through our trip was his passion for history of Egypt, which made every tour very enjoyable. We did several tours with Osama and even went to the Nubian village with him. Amazing experience. He was always attentive to every need of ours and tried to ensure that we knew our times for tour and all our options for each day. Very organized and very attentive. Amazing tour; worth every penny. Day 7 tour: Alexandria day tour with Dina. We can’t get enough of her. She took us to all the sights including the beautiful Biblioteca Alexandrina, which was a lot of fun. We ate all sorts of amazing fish dishes and had amazing views of the Mediterranean Sea. Definitely recommend making the trip to Alexandria. It’s a beautiful city by the sea that’s worth the drive. In sum, we recommend taking all the tours you can with Journey to Egypt. They know the history and will explain to you everything in detail in an eh oye ale and passionate way. There’s so much to explore and we had enough time to see history and have a romantic sail down the Nile for our honeymoon.

epirolli New York City, New York 276 Reviewed March 3, 2018 via mobile


We took a tour in Cairo and then flew down to Aswan and cruised the Nile up to Luxor. While in Cairo we had their tour guide Sherook, she was brilliant and you can see her love for her culture and history. And on the cruise we were EXTREMELY LUCKY TO BE with John another guide of theirs. He took good care of us, made sure we knew everything about the tours and the temples we've visited. We unfortunately did not meet Osama but he was always available to answer all of our question s no matter where he was. I will most certainly recommend them to friends and acquaintances that are planning to travel to Egypt

dominiquegoudreault Montreal, Canada 11 Reviewed March 1, 2018

Total confidence in a wonderful guide Osama

was the best guide I've ever seen. He helped us understand the history of ancient Egypt as well as modern political debates. Every aspect of our trip with Osama was directed with professionalism, ponctuality and passion. Because Osama loves his job and we can all see it. Very enthusiastic, he i able to communicate his passion about every aspects of his country. I highly recommend this trip to anyone!

Antoine D 1 Reviewed February 23, 2018 via mobile

Way to go!

We are three friends visiting Egypt for 11 days. 5 of those we spent with Journey to Egypt and Osama, a gentleman by all means and a wonderfull guide, with an enthusiasm that we could seldom reach, with our damaged bodies, but always appreciated. Osama took great care of us, all along, while always having a part of history to tell. Never has he lacked the energy to stimulate us. We didn't see everything we could wish too see because Egypt has so much to offer. However, I can easily say that Osama did a great job optimizing our time to maximize what we would see and do. Travelling under his professionnal and colorfull guidance was a blessing everyone should look for while traveling to Egypt.

Becmac9 Edmonton, Canada 21 Reviewed February 9, 2018 via mobile

Knowledgeable and Reliable

My friend and I are in our early twenties and we decided to do this Nile cruise on the advice of a great recommendation. As we are backpacking for a few months, this portion of our trip was certainly out of our element. However, Osama made it very comfortable. He was so knowledgeable about all the sites, and by the end we really felt like we had learned a lot about Egyptian culture. He was also very responsive to our needs, changing things around if we wanted to add in a site or if we preferred other options (ex. food/transportation). Everything was taken care of for us so that we just had to show up on time! He is extremely reliable, prepared and seemed to be taking very careful care of us. A great way to see the major and awe-inspiring sites of Egypt!

John T 55 Reviewed February 2, 2018

Nile River Cruise a unique way to see Egypt & Journey to Egypt made it stress-free

I did the Nile River Cruise from Luxor to Aswan a week ago with Osama as my guide. I don't consider myself a cruise type of person, but am glad I signed up for this. It was an enjoyable, convenient, and stress-free way to see Egypt. The Nile River has been sustaining life for thousands of years, so to be able to sail down this body of water with so much historical significance and observe the nature and the small towns was a unique experience. Osama was great to have as a guide. He let me know what the plan was for each day and was punctual with meeting times. He provided the right amount of information for each of the attractions and I liked that he allotted time for me to roam around each site on my own. He also helped me take pictures. He ensured everything went smoothly. Things like getting the entrance tickets, so that I didn't have to wait in line and coordinating the optional hot air balloon, and Abu Simbel tours including arranging for boxed breakfasts. Let him know what your specific interests are beforehand and he'll plan around them. My boat was the M/S Sarah, which was solid in all aspects (food, service, cleanliness, amenities, etc). It was built about a decade ago and has roughly a 120-person capacity. There were nightly activities including a traditional Arabic and Nubian performance as well as tea times and cocktail hours. Although there were social activities, traveling by myself, I found it a little hard to meet people since the majority of the ship consisted of a few large tour groups and families and the average age was around 45-50. Each room has a TV (no signal though), thermostat, safe, supplied toiletries, and comfortable bed. Ship amenities include a pool, shop, spa, full bars, and a videographer. The staff are very friendly and can speak multiple languages. There was good variety for food. Seating is assigned for meals. The Nile Cruise goes at a relaxed pace with plenty of time for sightseeing and relaxing. I really enjoyed my time on the cruise and having Osama as my guide. I also want to add that the Journey to Egypt website (journeytoegypt.com) has a ton of good information about the history of Ancient Egypt and about each attraction. It's helpful to review the information before you visit. Some suggestions to enjoy your cruise: - Wi-Fi is expensive ($7 USD per day) and only works in the saloon area. You can get a data SIM card at a local Vodafone/Etisalat/Orange shop for about 150LE for 8GB of data. Or when the boat is docked, walk to a local cafe shop where free wi-fi is available. - Drinks are not included and are somewhat pricey (23 LE for a large water; 30 LE for a soda; 59 LE for a beer). You're technically not allowed to bring outside food and drink, but just bring it on in a backpack. It might be strange to bring your own drink to the dining room though, so I would just buy my drinks on the ship during meals. - If you're into photography, I would bring a telephoto lens to give you more options as the Nile is fairly wide and subjects may appear small with a standard lens of phone camera. - Deciding on which Nile Cruise can be confusing as companies offer similar options at various prices, but it's the details that are important. In general, most Luxor-Aswan cruises start on Mondays and Aswan-Luxor cruises on Fridays. Check-in is at 12PM and check-out at 8AM. The cost of the cruise is a lot less if you have double occupancy. I booked my cruise ahead of my arrival, but it's easy to find a agency/hotel to book the cruise once you're in Egypt. You just have less time to process the information and make a decision on which agency to go with. Price is a major factor, but not everything. Going with a reputable company can reduce the surprises later on. - Get a couple quotes with a breakdown of: + what activities are included each day (most tours are on the same itinerary) + what transportation is included (airport transfers; private car or shuttle) + tour guide in your preferred language + if entrance fees are included + costs of optional activities + information about the ship + discount for paying in US Dollars or Euros + discount for booking months ahead or sailing on certain periods

Holly C 71 Reviewed January 26, 2018

Attentive and gracious!

I can not imagine a better tour and treatment for twice the price, than that provided by this local tour company We saw everything we had on our list and were attended to every step of the way. This included going with us to the ticket counter and boarding area for all four of our flights to make sure we were able to board without problems. While this level of attentiveness was a bit overwhelming, it was very comforting in a foreign - albeit friendly - country. Osama and associates were all top notch and very gracious.

JZachery 6th of October City, Egypt 12 Reviewed January 12, 2018

Great tour, great guide!

I have lived in Egypt for four years and recently took my first trip to Luxor and Aswan with a group of friends for a Nile Cruise and guided tour with Journey to Egypt. Our tour guide Osama had previously been used by a few of the people in our group and came highly recommended. This was a great trip facilitated by Osama’s excellent knowledge and organization. At no point did it feel like we were wasting time or far away from learning interesting facts about the history of the area. It would be impossible to see everything there is to see in just one short trip to Luxor and Aswan, but I was very pleased with what we did see. Osama gave detailed tours of each stop, without making it feel like we were being rushed along to get to the next site. We got to learn about the broad history of Ancient Egypt and its mythology along with minute details about the meaning of various hieroglyphics. We always had a good amount of time to explore the various sites on our own after the tours. During the week we saw the Temple of Karnak, Luxor Temple, the Colossi of Memnon, Valley of the Kings, Queen Hatshepsut’s Temple, The Worker’s Village, the Temple of Horus at Edfu, Kom Ombo Temple along with the crocodile mummy museum, Philae Temple, and a Nubian Village. The accommodations, food, and view from the ship as we travelled along the river were also great. The information learned helped add an extra level of appreciation for other sites I have visited such as the Giza, Saqqara, and Dahshur pyramids. A trip to the Egyptian Museum right after this trip was enhanced by all the historical facts learned from Osama. I would recommend Journey to Egypt to anyone planning a trip to Luxor and Aswan, and I will be using the company again for any future trips I take.

Eddie_and_Lu Brisbane, Australia 12 Reviewed January 11, 2018

Treated as honoured guests in Wonderful Egypt

We stayed in Egypt between Christmas and the New Year. It was our first trip to Egypt. We formally commenced our tour on the Nile River cruise from Luxor to Aswan. Osama from "Journey to Egypt", was our tour guide. From visiting Luxor Temple, the Valley of the Kings along with so many other attractions Osama had accompany us all the way, and has enriched our knowledge of the grand history and mysteries of Wonderful Egypt. Osama was very accommodating and great company for us, ensuring that we happy during the whole experience, and even helped us to be prepared when heading back to Cairo after the tour. Osama kept in touch with us as we were exploring Cairo by ourselves for a couple of days before heading back home to Australia. In closing, Osama treated us as honorary guests to Egypt. If you every want to explore Egypt, I highly recommend Osama be your first point of call.

Leo L 62 Reviewed January 5, 2018 via mobile

The best tour guide in Egypt

This was my second Nile cruise with Journey To Egypt, and Osama as my guide, and there were still so many new things to see and learn and explore. Osama is an incredible guide, he has so much knowledge and experience, he answered every question we had with kindness and humour. Osama guided my friends and I on a New Years Nile cruise, and once again we had an amazing time. The weather was perfect, winter is a great time to tour Egypt. If you are unsure about coming to Egypt, definitely book your tour with Journey To Egypt, as they will take care of all the small details, making everything as smooth and enjoyable as possible, with no hassle. Journey To Egypt will help you find the tour that fits your interests and your budget. Egypt is unspeakably beautiful, and full of wonderful, friendly people, don’t miss the opportunity of a lifetime to see and explore the ancient cultural wonders of Egypt. Book a tour with Journey To Egypt today, it will change your life.

amac360 Edmonton, Canada 21 Reviewed January 5, 2018

Visiting the Wonders of the Past

I recently travelled to Luxor and embarked on a Nile river cruise with Osama as my tour guide from Journey to Egypt. It was truly a wonderful experience and Osama couldn't have been more helpful. From arranging the cruise, helping with flights, answering any and all questions before the trip to then guiding myself and my group around all the awe-inspiring sites with knowledge and excitement. I would recommend Osama and Journey to Egypt to anyone, so they too may enjoy an adventure of a lifetime and marvel at the wonders of the past!

tashliverdeliver Saskatoon, Canada 1 Reviewed January 4, 2018 via mobile

Luxor to Aswan cruise

The Nile River Cruise from Luxor to Aswan with Osama as our tour guide was awesome! Osama was very knowledgable as he explained the rich history of temples and all the tours and he had a great sense of humour. He made sure everyone in our group was happy, taken care of and had everything we needed. I would highly recommend this tour with Osama as he made my travel experience to Egypt very memorable.

Coryn P 23 Reviewed January 3, 2018 via mobile

Nile River Cruise

I would strongly recommend the Luxor to Aswan Cruise with Osama as your tour guide. He is extremely friendly and knowledgeable. He clearly loves his job and customizes the tour to fit your groups wants and needs. Several in our group of friends were going on this cruise for the second time and had already seen the major sites. Osama made sure to show us different parts of these sites as well as new sites along the way. I would strongly recommend the hot air balloon ride!!! Thank-you Osama! :)

sheldon2017 Edmonton, Canada 64 Reviewed January 1, 2018 via mobile

Our 2nd Adventure on the Nile!

My friends and I thoroughly enjoyed our 2nd trip with Osama and Journey to Egypt! This time was even different then the last! Osama's wealth of knowledge and experience in the area brought us to new sites and locations. We loved the hot air balloon ride and the Nubian Village. There is so much to learn and Osama leads you on the journey with a lot of care and laughs! This is a highly recommended tour.

Kendrick B 2 Reviewed December 24, 2017

Journey to Egypt takes care of EVERYTHING

Osama and his crew delivered what we had hoped for: a trip of a lifetime. With only our most vague ideas shared over Facebook chat, Osama designed a voyage that suited my wife, teenage son and me perfectly. He explained everything we would need to be prepared for. His associates in Cairo and at each airport were helpful and efficient. He truly would not be satisfied until we were 100 percent happy. He is a marvelously genuine person who is doing everything he can to rebuild a struggling Egyptian tourist industry. It was the kind of trip that would be amazing no matter what, but Journey to Egypt allowed us to worry less and enjoy more. Osama even followed up with a message today, our final day in a Cairo hotel before departure, to make sure we were happy. It was a nice final touch from a class organization.

Mark R 11 Reviewed December 21, 2017 via mobile

A journey back in time on the Nile

Thank you Usama for an excellent experience! I highly recommend taking this tour if you have a love for history and would like a peaceful tide up the Nile. The attention to detail is awesome, for example my son's birthday on the boat was arranged beforw I even mentioned it was his birthday. Thanks again, Usama! I am sure we will see you again in the future.

Jacquelyn41 Bellevue, Washington 33 Reviewed December 15, 2017

Journey to Egypt - Luxor Tours

Further to the October 19th review by Ron E. ~ Collectively our Guides, Osama, Mazen & Sally were/are outstanding. Their knowledge and pride of their country is admirable. Incredible hosts who educated us in the magic and enchantment of Cairo and Luxor ~ who assisted us throughout our stay with kind attention to detail. Best of luck to you all. An extraordinary experience for our Family.

juaizzuddin Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 45 Reviewed December 14, 2017 via mobile Went back to Ancient Egypt with Journey to Egypt! After an extensive search for a tour company (with the help from Google and TripAdvisor reviews), we contacted Journey to Egypt for our group's 10 days trip to Cairo, Alexandaria, Aswan and Luxor. Planning on our itinerary was a breeze over emails and WhatsApp conversation with Osama, who was quick to respond despite our time zone difference. Team Journey to Egypt (Osama, Mazen & Amal) executed our trip efficiently and are always looking out for our comfort and safety. They will advice on travel ethics in Egypt (such as tipping culture, the do's and don'ts for shopping etc). Osama was our guide in Aswan to Luxor via the Nile Cruise, Mazen in Cairo and Alexandria, and Amal in Cairo. Journey to Egypt made our stay in Egypt a memorable one, and would definitely recommend them to our families and friends.

Liyana M 33 Reviewed December 7, 2017

Magical Egyptian Adventure!

Alexandria - Giza - Aswan - Luxor - Cairo My friends and I roughly knew the parts of Egypt we wanted to go to after a thorough research over Google & getting some insights from travel agents in Malaysia. Nevertheless, we made one of the best decisions in getting "Journey to Egypt" (a local agent based in Luxor) to make all the arrangements for us based on the places that we wanted to go to. The whole trip went smoothly and our guides, Osama, Mazen & Ammal made sure that we were safe, comfortable & well-equipped with tips on local cultures (+ tipping culture). Our itinerary includes: Drive & Stay in Alexandria, Stay in Cairo (Giza area) for the Spectacular Pyramid View, Flying to Aswan to catch the Aswan-Luxor Nile Cruise & a flight back to Cairo to experience the Old Cairo. Was a very safe and amazing experience being there in Egypt. Humbling & wonderful experience. Would do a repeat. :)

zulekhamerchant Edison, New Jersey 31 Reviewed November 20, 2017 via mobile

5 day Nile Cruise tour- Luxor to Aswan - plus Abu Simbel

My partner and I were looking to book a Nile cruise for our holiday to Egypt and decided to book with Journey To Egypt after looking into a few companies. Given the number of options, and seemingly similar itineraries, we thought we would get a fairly standard package with any provider we used. Journey to Egypt, and our tour guide Osama, exceeded our expectations in every way on this front, and we are so glad we booked them. The tour was private, so we weren't part of a larger group when visiting sites, and Osama was completely focused on ensuring we had a great experience. He took his time to explain each destination, answering any questions we may have, and always gave us plenty of time to do our own exploration of the sites we visited. We had time to fully explore each destination we visited. The boat we cruised on was also excellent, with great food included. Osama also made himself available during the cruise if we needed any help. We really appreciated this on our last day, when my partner became ill and Osama arranged for her to have a cabin to sleep in on the boat after we had checked out at no extra cost. I mention this to demonstrate the effort Osama put in to ensure we were looked after. Osama and Journey To Egypt really helped to make our trip to Egypt a memorable one. I would encourage anyone to visit Egypt, as the history/art/ancient culture is amazing, and if you do I would fully recommend using Journey To Egypt. I was hugely impressed by the level of service we received, particularly given their very competitive prices.

Susan M 12 Reviewed November 10, 2017 via mobile

Amazing family holiday!

We have just finished our week long adventure with Journey of Egypt and what an incredible experience we had! We started our trip in Cairo and then took the Nile Cruise from Luxor to Aswan. Our two incredible guides, Mazen and Osama made sure every detail of our trip was memorable. They engaged both of our kids (10 and 6)in the history and magic of ancient Egypt. We explored the Pyramids of Giza, took a memorable camel ride around the Pyramids and took a day trip to Alexandria. Then we flew to Luxor and visited the impressive Luxor and Karnak temples among many other sites. The Nile Cruise on Princess Sarah was fantastic with great food and plenty of entertainment. But what really made this trip stand out were our amazing guides. Osama is an outgoing and caring guy, great egyptologist and most of all a wonderful person. We highly recommend Journey to Egypt to anyone who wants to explore the ancient wonders of Egypt.

Ron E 13 Reviewed October 19, 2017

Trip of a lifetime!

Without a doubt, Journey To Egypt is the best way to tour Egypt. From the moment we landed in Cairo and were greeted by our guide who promptly whisked us through airport security and picked up our baggage we were given the red carpet treatment from beginning to end. First rate accommodations, highly knowledgeable tour guides, personal driver, and of course Osama himself, made this a truly memorable experience. Journey To Egypt is simply the best!,

Hilda C Mumbai 66 Reviewed September 14, 2017

Nile Cruise Aswan to Luxor.

Fantastic tour of Egypt. This was all down to Osama (Journey to Egypt ). Anyone travelling alone or in groups can rest assured you will have made the correct decision by using Osama. He is a friendly knowledgable person on service 24/7. You will instantly warm to him and enjoy your visit. For us he booked the Princess Sara cruise ship. This ship is just beautiful and great staff. He organised everything from the time we landed until we departed. He is a licensed tour guide and is well known by all in his trade. Well respected even by the ships crew. I don't normally write reviews but Egypt is a fascinating and safe place to visit. Yes...liaise with Osama as much as you wish before visiting and he answers all you concerns etc. First class and you will have a wonderful time.

kmsmith15 Boston, Massachusetts 11 Reviewed September 10, 2017 via mobile

The best Nile Cruise Experience!

After researching and contacting numerous companies about a Nile cruise from Luxor to Aswan, I am so happy to have chosen Journey to Egypt. My friend and I, two American women, traveled together and got a completely personalized trip with our tourguide, Osama. Every step of the way, we felt safe and informed, with Osama giving all the information we wanted about the history of the sights we visited, daily logistics of the cruise, and how to navigate the various cities we visited. Further, Osama let us choose how much time to spend at each place, giving us information and walking with us to understand the layout, then letting us wander on our own with no real time limit. After almost a week together, we felt very comfortable with Osama, as he had become a friend as well as our guide. He is informed, truly thoughtful, and cares about each person enjoying this trip to the fullest. Don't hesitate on booking through Journey to Egypt - you will have a wonderful Nile Cruise experience!

Breeanna E 92 Reviewed September 7, 2017 via mobile


First, everyone everywhere should visit Egypt. Second, when you do visit, you absolutely should travel with Osama at Journey to Egypt. We spent five days, four nights traveling from Luxor to Aswan on a Nile Cruise--we used the boat, Princess Sarah--and loved every single minute of it. From our travel preparations to our arrival in Egypt to our orientation at each site we visited, Osama was so attentive, communicative, and thoughtful. As two young woman traveling alone, we felt entirely safe in Egypt and even when we were no longer on the cruise with Osama, he took care to make arrangements for us with his friends in other cities and was happy to advise on whatever we had questions about. Unlike some of the larger tour groups, we never felt rushed or obligated to complete a set itinerary because we traveled only as a group of two with Osama. If we had additional requests or wanted honest opinions about prices and activities, especially the common tourist traps like rugs, papyrus, or perfumes, Osama was always straightforward. By the end of our time, we felt Osama became a true friend who genuinely enjoys his work, takes pride in his country and its history, and loves to bring enthusiasm to whomever he is with. Morever, Osama's generosity to us and his fellow Egyptians is unparalled. He was always happy to purchase a trinket or two when we visited particularly uncrowded areas in order to support the community in small ways on his own dime. When we come back to Egypt, we will not think twice about organizing everything with Osama. SHUKRAN, OSAMA!

sigmaroi85 Lagos State, Nigeria 1 Reviewed July 23, 2017 via mobile

Old and New Kingdom 5 day visit

Guide Nazim was very professional and knowledgeable. Traveled with my 18 year old son. Had a very relaxed schedule, will come back again for a Nile cruise to Aswan Went to Giza (old Kingdom 2500 BC) and to Kharnak and Luxor(New Kingdom 1500 BC). Kudos to Nazim for great photography.

Jersey City, New Jersey 1810 Reviewed July 3, 2017

Journey to Egypt made me feel like I was at home!

Mazen is awesome he went above and beyond on our trip! The personalize service they provide is simply wonderful. I felt safe and right at home!

Jack L Toronto 3761 Reviewed June 26, 2017

Amazing tour of Egypt

I went with my mother and my boyfriend a couple of years back and it was just amazing thanks to our great guide. The sights are the best, the presentations are very knowledgeable and spiced with trivia to keep thins entertaining. I would go back there anytime, Egypt is a truly wonderful place, not to be missed :)

DrLK75 11 Reviewed May 26, 2017

Perfect trip to Egypt

I just spent 2 days touring Luxor with Osama- Journey to Egypt and it was absolutely fantastic! I had friends and family express concern over visiting Egypt, but I have to say that I felt 100% safe at all times in this beautiful country. I visited a friend in Cairo, then travelled on my own to see the sights in Luxor. Osama made me feel like I was visiting a friend there as well! He was extremely knowledgable and enthusiastic, and took me everywhere I wanted to go. Everywhere. He and the driver were always on time (even early) and made the entire trip so easy and seamless. I would recommend Journey to Egypt to absolutely anyone who has dreamed of visiting Egypt in their life. Do it. You will not regret it.

Kristen O 1 Reviewed May 1, 2017 via mobile

Our Journey to Egypt

We just got married and really wanted to come to Egypt for our honeymoon. Many of our family and friends tried to convince us not to travel here because they said it was not safe. How very wrong they were! We have had such a wonderful trip here from Cairo to Aswan with Journey to Egypt tours. Osama Rashad was absolutely fantastic. Everything was so smooth and he really went above and beyond! Osama is so passionate about his country and teaching people all about Egyptian history. We felt so safe and cared for under the care of Osama and Journey to Egypt tours. We will definitely return and bring our family next time! He arranged everything from airport transportation to walks through the market to our lovely Nile Cruise. His rates are very competitive too! We highly recommend him and his company for anyone coming to Egypt!

しもんちびのすけ 96 Reviewed April 29, 2017

Have yourself a great trip to Egypt with "Journey to Egypt"

I have travelled Egypt for 2 weeks with my friends and had such a great time. Egypt is a wonderful travel destination specially for those interested in archaeology but traveling around local cities by individual arrangement may not be very easy. From this reason we did majority of arrangement through "Journey to Egypt" or Osama Rashad and he did perfect job for us. He mainly works in Luxor but dose travel arrangement for other cities as well and provides a complete tailor made tour upon request. Of course his knowledge about Egyptian history and archaeology as a tour guide is a super. Additionally he is a great companion to travel with. Extremely hospitable guy! I myself is a licensed tour guide in Japan and learned a lot from Osama, particularly the way of dedication to his work. Definitely I'll travel again with "Journey to Egypt" if I have another chance to go to Egypt.

Zeina D 11 Reviewed April 25, 2017

Easily one of the most organised trips I've been on

I took six of my friends to Egypt with me, and was searching for budget prices as we are all students. Osama was extremely helpful in finding us the perfect package, with the Royal Esadora easily being one of the better Nile cruise boats I've been on. Communication before the trip was extremely fast, and Osama made sure that we were constantly updated with any information before the trip. He even made sure we got a horse and carriage ride in Luxor city, as well as a trip to the Nubian village - a must see! Michael was our tour guide - an amazingly funny and well-informed man, who fit in easily with our group and definitely made the trip more fun. He was good at giving us time to explore and was patient with all of our questions. All in all, the trip was a great experience, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who would like a seamless experience to Aswan and Luxor.

cceyang Toronto 11 Reviewed April 22, 2017 via mobile

Great tour, highly recommended!

We came to visit Egypt for the first time with a group of 8 girls. I was recommended this company by a friend. Communication with Osama prior to the trip was seamless, and he was extremely helpful and booked all our day tours (4 in total) and even booked us airport transfers. Pickup Was smooth and on time. Our tour guide was Mazen for all the days. He was such a great guide - very informative and always went out of his way to take good care of us! He was quite flexible with our schedule and with what we wanted to see, even letting us book tours the day before. I would highly recommend this company to anyone visiting Egypt for the first time!

Bridget B 41 Reviewed April 22, 2017 via mobile

A great hassle-free Journey To Egypt

Spent the best part of 3 days exploring Egypt under the guidance of 'Journey To Egypt'. The team were very accommodating, knowledgeable and reliable. I would highly recommend to anyone travelling to Egypt.

Lagos_NigeriaLexis Lagos, Nigeria 4 Reviewed April 20, 2017

Excellent guide, beautiful area

We booked ahead with Usama, but researched other companies and prices. We wanted to have a full packed day with balloon ride in the morning (with a quality operator - who was also well-rated). Usama was still finishing another trip, so we were scheduled to go with Michael, who picked us up very late at the airport, took us to our hotel, and picked us up early the next morning for a full day. We thought Michael was great - history knowledge, good communicator, great sense of humor, and added some interesting stories to the general history to make it more interesting (and stick a bit more). He also wasn't imposing - told us the history. Gave us time to wander around. We had the expert

christelle242017 Beirut, Lebanon 11 Reviewed April 20, 2017 via mobile

An unforgettable experience, highly recommended !

On April 18, 2017. My mother & I just finished our nile river cruise with journey to Egypt, our trip began from Aswan ending up in Luxor. The tour program included many sites like sad el Aaly, philae temple, Nubian village, Edfu,luxor, karnak temples, Valley of kings and many others, in addition of many other activities in and outside the cruise specially the on board overnight galabiya party that we really enjoyed. The program was fully scheduled and well organized. Our guide Mazen was really knowledgable and funny, he made sure to let us see and understand the Egyptian history and to let us feel comfortable in our tour, he did an excellent job. We had never been in Egypt before, we felt very safe, we loved this country and it's friendly and welcoming poeple. I got more than 1K photos, I felt that I can't get enough from those amazing Egyptian sites. I highly recommend to visit this country don't hesitate you will never regret and don't listen to the rumors. Personally I will visit it again and again.

Mahoneymarbella Marbella, Spain 113 Reviewed April 15, 2017 via mobile

A Journey of incredible places!Absolutely stunning...

My son and myself just finished a 10 day tour of Egypt starting with 3 days in Cairo then jumping on a 50 min local flight down to Luxor and Aswan to begin a Nile Cruise for 5 days. Every part of the trip was just flawless, and I mean flawless! Osama made us feel like VIP's with highly informative tour guides provided both in Cairo and Luxor. Clean, safe vehicles for transfers and days trips. There was several things we wanted to do whilst in Egypt which we not on the normal request such as a dawn camel ride to watch the sunrise over the pyramids and within minutes it was sorted! It was always "No Problem!" A month before we arrived Osama's customer service for answering our questions was great. We had never been to the Egypt before and like many others we had some negative preconceptions of not only the people but also the culture. How wrong we were.. Shamefully wrong... We felt very safe in Egypt, the people were friendly and are very happy to see tourists. They were smiling, polite and couldn't do enough for us. We found their humor was much like ours and they liked to have a laugh and a joke with us. The Temples and Tombs we saw included Karnak, Luxor, Rameses IV in the valley fnhe kings and Abu Simbel, to name just a few. The amazing thing about Egypt is not only were we looking at these monuments but actually touched these ancient stones! So breathtakingly awe-inspiring it makes ones mind cloud over as you simple can not take in the magnitude and magnificence of these magical buildings. I did a lot of research before I booked and I'm so pleased we went with Journey to Egypt as we without doubt got the best value or money and first class service. Our Nile Cruise boat was beautiful with is 1920's Art Deco feel, served great food and the staff were very friendly. Mazen in Cairo, George in Luxor and Omana for all our day trips did an outstanding job. I wouldn't use anyone else in egypt but them!

sheldon2017 Edmonton, Canada 64 Reviewed April 14, 2017 via mobile

Such a Meaningful Experience!

I just finished a Luxor to Aswan Nile River Cruise with Journey to Egypt with my wife and mother in-law and we had a fantastic time! The historical sites will amaze you! You will see temples, tombs, and ancient cities and hear the details and stories from a very informed, well spoken, and kind guide named Osama Rashad. We recommend his tour company and travelling to Egypt. The Egyptian people are so welcoming and friendly. The heart of history beats in both the people and the sites!

Zannahlee Oakland, California 12 Reviewed April 12, 2017

An amazing experience!

We took the cruise from Aswan to Luxor with stops including Philae Temple, a Nubian Village, Temple of Horace, Kom Ombo, Luxor Temple, Valley of the Kings, Temple of Hatshepsut, and Karnak. The trip was packed with fascinating sights, great stories about Ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddesses and Pharaohs. Our guide was really knowledgable and fun. He made sure we saw all the best sites. The cruise itself was wonderful and a great place to relax after a day of touring. The food and service on the boat was great as well. I highly recommend visiting Egypt and booking a tour with Journey to Egypt!

Akash S 504 Reviewed April 8, 2017 via mobile

Superb Visit......

Memorable We have chosen Egypt as our honeymoon trip. It was very good and right decision that has been taken by us. Mazen aka my brother OSAMA is the best person as well as superb human being to see the ancient egypt. Through his vast experience and knowledge we are able to enjoy the trip at it fullest. If we will get OPPORTUNITY definitely love to visit egypt again.

Hye Young C 21 Reviewed April 3, 2017

Wonderful Luxor tour with guide

Marwa" My familly visited Queen & king of valley, Karnak & Luxor temple, Memnon statue. That places were calm and peacefull. Our guide Marwa gave us good informations for historical places.

Jihad S 21 Reviewed April 2, 2017 via mobile

Luxor Aswan tour guide

One of the best couple trips ever. Mazen Mazona our trip guide & organizer made our trip fantastic. Great guide & honest person.

Sam M 23 Reviewed April 2, 2017 via mobile

Nile Cruise

This was simply my best holiday thus far. The knowledge of my tour guide was phenomenal. He bent over backwards to make sure everything ran smoothly. I can't fault him. Respond

A TripAdvisor Member 63 Reviewed March 29, 2017 via mobile

What a trip!

I would like to thank Osama and Mazen for such an amazing and unforgettable experience! They made our trip so seamless! From the time we landed at the airport till the end..it was just perfect! They were so knowledgeable, accommodating, helpful, patient, trustworthy, organized and very professional. This was a trip of a lifetime and thanks to Journey to Egypt team for making this a super awesome trip for us! I 110 percent recommend! you will be in good hands!

Patrick G 4213 Reviewed March 29, 2017 via mobile

Great service and so informative!!!!

I usually travel without a tour guide but this vacation with Journey to Egypt was one I'm glad I did and one i will never forget. We started our trip in Cairo for one day and we were met inside immigration and were nicely greeted and escorted through. It was my sons birthday and they had made a cute sign just for him and when we got to our van there were balloons waiting for him. It didn't stop there as our guide in Cairo had bought my son a beautiful bday cake with candles waiting at our hotel. Thanks Mazin!!! The great service actually started before our trip started as we had trouble booking our flights on line from Cairo to Luxor and back and they readily agreed to purchase our plane tickets for us and we were happy to send them the money via money transfer. Thanks so much Osama!!! We started our Nile cruise in Luxor and ended in Aswan. This was a great way to travel and stopped at all the cool sites. The food on the ship Blue Shadow was quite good and bedroom very nice. I'm glad that Osama was also on the ship with us the entire cruise. Osama was very patient and so informative at all sites visited. I'm so glad we did the extra tour to Abu Simbel as it was well worth it and not overpriced. Again my son was treated to a surprise on the ship as he got the crew to sing happy birthday with drums and cake again. Thanks Osama for an unforgettable Nile cruise trip. Mazin then picked us up in Cairo and we rested at the hotel for our in incredible trip to the pyramids. Thanks to Mazin we didn't go early to the pyramids as he said it will still be too hazy so we did the Egyptian museum first. Now to highlight the Pyramids. It was incredible and thanks to Mazin for getting us to walk up the pyramids for some great pics. Also even better pics at the panoramic view and getting us camel rides with no problem. It was amazing!!! Thanks to Osama and Mazin for a truly unforgettable trip. I'm recommending all my friends to you guys as I'll know they'll be in good hands!!! For those reading this review, don't hesitate to book your Egypt tours with Journey to Egypt. First class service!!!

Dianka24 2 Reviewed March 25, 2017 via mobile

Incredible day In Luxor

I was on the Day Tour to Luxor with my friends and visited Luxor temple , Karnak temple and the walley of Kings It was an incredible day with proffecionals. Everything was great and the transport good organized.Super day in Egypt.

Rita V 24 Reviewed March 15, 2017

Incredible trip!!!!

Love Egypt!!!! Thank you, Osama, for being our tour guide and for an incredible trip! Your stories and descriptions of the sites, and the land, and the history was phenomenal. We learned so much from you. To anyone planning on travelling to Egypt I highly recommend contacting Osama.

Yousaf K Toronto, Canada 54 Reviewed February 8, 2017 via mobile

Touring Egypt a fascinating time with Journey to Egypt

When we were planning our trip to Egypt we contacted several sites and had many questions. Some of the larger companies we dealt with didn't offer much help with our queries and offered little advice for tips when booking and planning. THIS WAS NOT THE CASE with Journey to Egypt!! We were given help along the way with planning and Osama was reachable and quick to respond on whatsapp. He offered expert guidance when creating our itinerary, which needed to be customized as I had foot surgery right before the trip (bummer). Osama was great at ensuring the trip would be accessible for me. He also arranged for a wheel chair so I wouldn't be tired. Osama helped us book an amazing Nile cruise on the Mayfair and arranged our tours for the whole cruise. I highly recommend Journey to Egypt as you get first class care and top notch touring. It was so great to have such a knowledgeable guide and all our questions answered. We look forward to another trip to Egypt,with two working feet,and will definitely book with Journey to Egypt!

Robin C 11 Reviewed February 5, 2017

Amazing amazing did i say amazing

very trustworthy tour guides. i traveled alone solo and they met me every step of the way to every destination to ensure my safety. they provided great prices. i have no complaints . they accommodated me and my needs. i would recommend them to anyone who travels to egypt. i especially recommend Mazen if staying in Cairo he is the absolute best.

Pearheiress 42 Reviewed February 3, 2017 via mobile

Amazing experience with caring service

We were lucky enough to be given Osama Rashad's name through a travel site we trust. A previous client of his gave a very favourable recommendation. Osama helped us to book a Nile cruise during the very busy Egyptian School Break (end of January). While there were very little options, Osama worked tirelessly. He didn't just find us a cabin, he found us an exceptional cabin. If you are considering a Nile Cruise, the Mayfair is an incredible experience. From the outgoing and professional staff, to the decor/ambiance to the excellent food you will feel truly spoiled. Osama's knowledge as an Egyptologist and his passion for sharing history create a very special experience. His enthusiasm is infectious and his guiding style is dynamic, warm, energized and very clear. He knows his stuff. We, Read more