Embark on a Personalized Journey to Egypt | Discover Real Egypt

Embark on a personalized tour of Egypt with us, where every aspect is tailored to your personal preferences. At our core, we prioritize the tiniest details of your experience while also fostering a deeper appreciation for the world around you. Our 'Visit Egypt' tours are more than just visiting the famous sites; They offer an authentic glimpse into the heart of Egypt, seen through Egyptian eyes and crafted with passion. From offbeat excursions to quality time spent at iconic sites, we unveil the country's hidden gems, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the essence of the 'real Egypt'. Through encounters with locals and the discovery of lesser-known treasures, your holiday becomes an immersive exploration, providing insight into the soul of Egypt as only a native perspective can provide.

Cross & Crescent | 6 Days

This tour is specialised for those who study Medieval art, or interested in architect of religious buildings in the medieval era. Nothing but Cairo can offer a great collection of buildings with great variety so will take you back in time to Medieval era to learn the history and art of this period, opening our hearts and minds to accept each other endorsed by peace and love. No of Days: 06 Days- 5 Nights | Type: Private Tour | Run: Every Day

Egypt - View from the Inside | 11 Days

Egypt - it is not only the country of Pyramids, but also the place of many beautiful “must-visit” treasures, located in small towns and villages. Mysterious Abu Simbel, breathtaking Aswan, magnificent temples of Luxor, Islamic and Coptic Cairo, countryside with its own life and many more. All of them can be your great spots for next vacation program, if you book one of our Egypt Unique Tours. Forget about usual holiday, bring to your life experience, which will inspire and encourage you.

Jewels of Egypt | 11 Days

This tour is crafted by heart to an esteemed guest like you to have good look to the heritage of Luxor , Cairo and other gems that less visited by regular tourist as you are so special to us , we designed this tour to let see Egypt through our Egyptian eyes . No of Days: 11 Days - 10 Nights| Type: Private Tour