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Luxury Nile Cruises, Deluxe Nile Cruises

Explore ancient wonders along the Nile To discover the ancient wonders of Egypt, a Luxury or Deluxe Nile Cruise offers an unforgettable experience. Revive the magic and romance of a bygone era as you take in views much unchanged for thousands of years, aboard one of our Luxury or Deluxe Nile Cruises.

With our luxury Nile cruise holidays, you’ll be able to see some of the region’s most important sites in ease and comfort. Our fleet affords privacy, exclusivity and an unrivalled sailing experience. The standard of service on board, the quality of food and our private docks are all part of why our Nile cruise holidays are so special. .

Egypt & the Nile on a Luxury Nile Cruise | 10 Days

Egypt & the Nile on a Luxury Nile Cruise | 10 Days Cruise the Nile River for four nights on a Luxury Nile Cruise, explore an ancient pyramid from the inside out, gain exclusive access to the...
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Every Monday from Luxor &Friday from Aswan 

Acamar Nile Cruise I Nile Cruise wheelchair Accessible

No of Days| 4, 5 or 7 Schedule| Every Monday from Luxor & Friday from Aswan Acamar Nile Cruise Go on a thrilling adventure across the Nile River from the comfort of a splendid ship, where you and your loved ones will be treated like nothing but Royalty. On the magical water of the Nile, your eyes will meet lush greenery along the river banks. Suddenly, an ancient Pharaonic temple comes into view and takes you back in time.   Acamar Nile Cruise gives you the most convenient travel experience you can get. The ACAMAR Nile Cruise has 5-star cabins and elegant suites, a deluxe restaurant, a relaxing pool overlooking the Nile, and more premium facilities to keep everyone entertained.

Mövenpick MS Hamees Nile Cruise

No of Days| 4, 5 or 7 Schedule| Every Monday from Luxor & Friday from Aswan Sail early morning from Aswan in day 2 Mövenpick MS Hamees Nile Cruise The Mövenpick MS Hamees has a comfortable and contemporary design and is among the largest and best-appointed crafts on the river Nile. Enjoy a truly memorable journey from Luxor to Aswan and experience some of Egypt’s most scenic and historical sites with top facilities and attentive staff. Travel in style and enjoy lounging at the swimming pool, reading or playing games in the reading and play room, or enjoying the sun on the sun deck, offering a recreational area as well as a selection of eating and drinking options.

Mövenpick MS Royal Lily

No of Days| 4, 5 or 7 Schedule| Every Monday from Luxor & Friday from Aswan Mövenpick MS Royal Lily Mövenpick MS Royal Lily not only give you the chance to explore Egypt and Egyptian history in person, but it also provide you with unforgettable experience that makes your Vacation in Egypt more fabulous. The Nile River is one of the world’s most famous and beautiful rivers. Experience a fascinating way to travel and relax at the same time. Going on a Nile Cruise in Egypt is like a dream coming true for some people So now is the time for this mind-blowing experience.

MS Farah Nile Cruise

No of Days| 4, 5 or 7 Schedule| Every Monday from Luxor & Friday from Aswan MS Farah Nile Cruise Take a journey along the Nile on MS Farah Nile Cruise, one of the most elite Nile cruise ships in Egypt. MS Farah Nile Cruise offers 60 deluxe cabins and 2 royal suites, where you can taste the fine flavour of its hospitality in every detail from the handmade Egyptian cotton sheets to the natural dark wood furniture. All designed to tickle your senses and enhance your comfort. MS Farah Nile Cruise totally different.

MS Mayfair Nile Cruise

No of Days| 4, 5 or 7 Schedule| Every Monday from Luxor & Friday from Aswan MS Mayfair Nile Cruise Sail the majestic Nile River between Luxor and Aswan in the comfort and modern luxury cruise MS Mayfair Nile Cruise. Our Cruise 3 to 4 to 7 night cruises are an exceptional invitation to truly sophisticated. You will enjoy  your  accommodation, tranquil relaxation & delectable dining, complemented by an unprecedented sense of discovery on the path from Aswan to Luxor. Mayfair Nile cruise offer 3, 4, and 7 night trips between Aswan and Luxor, exploring the landmark temples, tombs and ruins in the region. Guided excursions with Egyptologists highlight each day and are followed by delightful leisure activities on the ship.

Every Thursday from Luxor &Monday from Aswan

Mövenpick MS Sun Ray Nile Cruise

No of Days| 4, 5 or 7 Schedule| Every Thursday from Luxor & Monday from Aswan Sail early morning from Aswan in day 2 Mövenpick MS Sun Ray Nile Cruise A memorable Nile cruise, Follow in the footsteps of the pharaohs as you cruise the iconic river Nile from Aswan to Luxor in style on the Mövenpick MS Sunray. With an elegant and traditional design, stylish features and spacious public areas, this cruiser offers everything you wish for: swimming pool, sundeck with a recreational area, a selection of outlets and a reading and playroom.

MS Amwaj Nile Cruise

No of Days| 4, 5 or 7 Schedule| Every Thursday from Luxor & Monday from Aswan MS Amwaj Nile Cruise The ancient Egyptians were one of the most impressive civilisations the world has seen, but other ethnicities have shaped this country too, making Egypt a unique mix of the Arabian and Islamic with the Mediterranean. This rich history has created a tapestry of cultural and archaeological treasures unmatched anywhere- so much so that the country is home to one third of the world’s antiquities. Nile Cruise between Luxor and Aswan are enjoyable and comfortable way to enjoy the ancient sites of Upper Egypt. Nile Cruise gives every opportunity to discover new sites or simple enjoy a different view. MS Amwaj Nile Cruise offers luxurious and high standards accommodations that provide the ultimate comfort, elegance and style.

MS Le Fayan Nile Cruise

No of Days| 4, 5 or 7 Schedule| Every Thursday from Luxor & Monday from Aswan MS Le Fayan Nile Cruise A cruise on the Nile in the wake of ancient Egyptian an adventure into the world of the Pharaohs and the exploration of their mammoth culture. On MS Le Fayan Nile Cruise, you start your Journey in Luxor or in Aswan, Places of ancient history. You can sit back, relax and enjoy this amazing Nile cruise with its spectacular facilities and excursions what are you waiting for?


Q-Is it safe to travel to Egypt 2020? A-Tourists have been visiting Egypt for centuries and Egyptians have well-earned reputation for warmth and kindness toward visitors. Egyptian cities are generally very safe, especially in area where tourists frequent.

Q-Best time for Nile River Cruise? A-The best time to for Nile Cruise is October through April when the temperatures are mild and good weather. However, late spring – Easter Time – is also prime tourist season.

Q-What to pack for a Nile Cruise?A-Light cotton clothing is advisable for the warmer months (April to September) and a light jacket for the evenings during the cooler months (October to March) | Blouses/shirts with long sleeves to protect you from the sun | Short sleeves are also fine | Cotton t-shirts and tops| sun screen, lip balm and insect repellent| Hat, sunglasses and prescription glasses| Comfortable walking shoes| Camera.

Q-What will i see on a Nile Cruise?A- Sailing from Luxor, the boat stops at Edfu and Kom Ombo before spending two nights at Aswan, where you visit Philae and have the option of paying for an extra excursion to Abu Simbel. The return leg visits Edfu and, on docking at Luxor, includes a full-day’s sightseeing at Karnak and the Valley of the Kings.

Q-What does the meals includes In my Nile Cruise trip?A-Three meals a day are included on all Nile Cruise Holidays; Meals are usually buffet, mixing Egyptian with international dishes- something for everyone.(Vegetarian food is available)

Q-Evening entertainment? A-Most Nile Cruises have a bar or lounge and will host a galabiyya party, where all are encouraged to dress in the traditional Egyptian men’s robe (sold onboard). Some boats feature local musicians.

Q-Nile Cruise facilities? A-Reception area & Lounge bar with panoramic view | Restaurant located on the lower deck | Swimming pool, bar & Sun deck | Boutique & Jeweler shop |Massage room with charge| Wi Fi with charge| Laundry & dry cleaning facilities with charge| Credit cards are accepted on board.