Cruise on the Nile

Nile Cruises have become a very popular way to spend your vacation in Egypt, and although you may think they are restrictive, you will be pleasantly surprised. Going on a Nile Cruise in Egypt is like a dream coming true for some people. So now is the time for this mind-blowing experience. The breath taking temples along the stretch of the Nile between Luxor and Aswan are one of the many amazing landmarks to experience.

Nile Cruise Holidays

Can be a quite experience for beginners, some Nile Cruises can be on a 5- star Luxury ship. This assures you that your cruising tours, you only need to contact a tour agency that offers you Nile Cruise service. seems to be the most suitable choice for you, because they provide & offer a variety of options in this regard.

Luxor Tours

Cruising the Nile in Luxor tours is perfect for those people who are fond of history. Cruise on the Nile helps you to discover the most famous historical places of Egypt in Luxor Journey To Egypt offers you a great option if you want to visit old temples and tombs of the city. Journey to Egypt also fixes one day tours to Oasis in the desert.

Best times for Nile Cruises

The best time to go a Nile Cruise tour is between October and April because, it's not too hot, which important to know since you will be hopping on and off to visit temples along the way. The heat in Luxor and Aswan is intense , and it's not recommended that you travel during the peak summer.

Night Stay and Hot air balloon

There is another possible options you can enjoy during cruising. If you desire to spend a night on the shore and camp the Egyptian way, Journey to Egypt can offer that option. You also can go up in a hot air balloon in Luxor and enjoy looking down on Egypt from the sky. So you assuredly enjoy these magical nights.

Enjoying Scenic Views

On your Nile Cruises, you will witness a countless numbers of majestic temples and tombs such as Valley of the Kings, Luxor Temple, Philae Temple and much. You can also visit the Nubian Village in Aswan.

Explore Egypt's History

Cruise on the Nile also gives you the chance to visit many museums and historical places along the way. There you can find a lot of trinkets and souvenirs that you are free to buy and keep for your selves. A part from all the above mentioned options, These cruising tours not only give you the chance to explore Egypt and Egyptian history in person, but they also provide you with unforgettable experience that makes your Vacation in Egypt more fabulous.