• Nile Cruise from Aswan With Abu Simbel | 4 Days

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  • Nile Cruise Luxor Aswan | 5 Days

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  • Cairo and Nile Cruise | 8 Days

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  • Nile Cruise Luxor To Luxor | 8 Days

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  • Pyramids, Nile Cruise and Hurghada | 10 Days

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Save up to 10% by booking Nile Cruise Last minute and get the best Nile Cruise Luxor Aswan Deals. Explore the countless adventures that Luxor and Aswan offer to visitors from the relaxing Nile side city of Aswan to many great tours and activities in Luxor. 5 Star Nile Cruise Including Sightseeing Tours, Qualified Egyptologist tour guide, Entrance fees, Airport transfers, Accommodation on board 5 star cruise on full board basis. Starting from 95 U$D Per Person Per Night {Based on two People}

Special offers & Nile Cruise Luxor Aswan

Book Your Dream Nile Cruise Now – Exclusive Prices & Discount ! Explore Luxor and Aswan with these Nile Cruises, With us you can enjoy all of the Nile Cruises below. With Us You’ll enjoy the magic and mystery that Egypt has to offer.

Nearby, along the Nile, Egyptians still live in mud huts housing humans and animals alike, exactly as they did thousands of years ago. To travel down the River Nile is to journey through centuries of history. From the heart of Africa to the Mediterranean Sea, the second longest river in the world travels for 4,169 miles. On both sides of its banks, for over 5000 years, successive pharaohs, sultans and presidents have left behind memories of a glorious past. Egypt itself is a gift of the Nile, for without its waters it would never exist. Whilst cruising down the Nile, it is difficult to comprehend that this very same river transported baby Moses in his basket of bulrushes to the maidservant Miriam, Queen Cleopatra to her lover, Mark Antony and all the great pharaohs of Egypt to eternal splendour set in stone. flotilla of Cruises on the Nile at Luxor, Itineraries are generally the same and All meals are usually included in the cost of the Cruise Budget but alcoholic drinks, and water are put on a tab that has to be settled at the end of the cruise.

  • Aswan - Luxor Nile Cruise – 3 Nights

    Aswan - Luxor Nile Cruise  – 3 Nights Type: Private Tour Imagine sailing along the Nile in a style once reserved for pharaohs and queens. Aswan - Luxor Nile Cruise  – 3 Ni...
    From USD 450
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  • Cairo and Nile Cruise - 7 Nights

    Cairo and Nile Cruise - 7 Nights Today, the best way to experience Egypt is to explore the Nile, from the awe-inspiring Pyramids on the outskirts of the capital of Cairo in the north, to th...
    From USD 1'215
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  • Nile Cruise Luxor Aswan - 4 Nights

    Nile Cruise Luxor Aswan - 4 Nights Type: Private Tour Since Cleopatra treated Antony to a magnificent progress upriver on her royal barge, a Cruise On The Nile has been an essential compon...
    From USD 550
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  • Tour to Pyramids & The Egyptian Museum

    Tour to Pyramids & The Egyptian Museum Day tour in Cairo combine the Egypt Pyramids at Giza and the Great Sphinx with the Egyptian Museum, unique in the world for the treasure...
    From USD 80
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Luxor Aswan Cruises

Luxor and Aswan Nile cruise offers you an unique chance to visit most famous sightseeing of Egypt by comfortable sailing. What can be better during your tour to Egypt?

River Yacht and Dahabiya Cruises

Special style of Egyptian cruise boats with exciting entertainment program on the board and incredible sceneries around

Lake Nasser Cruises

Unique experience for exploring ancient Nubian culture and nature. Imagine to have the overnight stay docked to the famous Abu Simbel Temple

Nile Cruise Packages

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Q-Is it safe to travel to Egypt 2020? A-Tourists have been visiting Egypt for centuries and Egyptians have well-earned reputation for warmth and kindness toward visitors. Egyptian cities are generally very safe, especially in area where tourists frequent.

Q-Best time for Nile River Cruise? A-The best time to for Nile Cruise is October through April when the temperatures are mild and good weather. However, late spring – Easter Time – is also prime tourist season.

Q-What to pack for a Nile Cruise?A-Light cotton clothing is advisable for the warmer months (April to September) and a light jacket for the evenings during the cooler months (October to March) | Blouses/shirts with long sleeves to protect you from the sun | Short sleeves are also fine | Cotton t-shirts and tops| sun screen, lip balm and insect repellent| Hat, sunglasses and prescription glasses| Comfortable walking shoes| Camera.

Q-What will i see on a Nile Cruise?A- Sailing from Luxor, the boat stops at Edfu and Kom Ombo before spending two nights at Aswan, where you visit Philae and have the option of paying for an extra excursion to Abu Simbel. The return leg visits Edfu and, on docking at Luxor, includes a full-day’s sightseeing at Karnak and the Valley of the Kings.

Q-What does the meals includes In my Nile Cruise trip?A-Three meals a day are included on all Nile Cruise Holidays; Meals are usually buffet, mixing Egyptian with international dishes- something for everyone.(Vegetarian food is available)

Q-Evening entertainment? A-Most Nile Cruises have a bar or lounge and will host a galabiyya party, where all are encouraged to dress in the traditional Egyptian men’s robe (sold onboard). Some boats feature local musicians.

Q-Nile Cruise facilities? A-Reception area & Lounge bar with panoramic view | Restaurant located on the lower deck | Swimming pool, bar & Sun deck | Boutique & Jeweler shop |Massage room with charge| Wi Fi with charge| Laundry & dry cleaning facilities with charge| Credit cards are accepted on board.