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The Great Pyramid of Giza and many other treasures have attracted the curious to Egypt for more than two millennia. Today, travelers to Egypt continue to flock to this mysterious destination in search of its iconic ancient wonders: the magnificent royal tombs of the Valley of the Kings, the Pharaonic temples along the Nile, and the world's largest open-air preserve in Luxor. Museum despite the passage of time.

Visit our Egypt luxury tours to delve deeper into the history of this enduring destination and experience Egypt travel like never before—in ultimate comfort and always accompanied by real experts. Slide down the famous Nile in style aboard acclaimed Nile river cruise ships, docking at private piers in Luxor and Aswan for easy access to Egypt's most famous sites. Travel in the company of the region's leading Egyptologists, and rest assured that every aspect of your Egypt holiday is supported around the clock by our experienced global network, including a local office in Egypt.

Journey to Egypt Guests can choose from carefully crafted Egypt tours, ranging from our classic Small Group Journeys and pre-packaged Signature Journeys to privately guided and completely personalized tailor-made journeys

Ideas for your Journey To Egypt

Every itinerary is created by an Expert based on your specifications. With their expert planning and first-hand, local knowledge they make sure every detail is looked after, while you get to enjoy a personalized Journey to Egypt.

Classic journeys

Our classic journeys will give you the chance to experience Egypt's history and best attractions.

Nile Cruise Journeys

Enjoy a trip to the heart of Egypt, and take the Nile River Cruise between Luxor and Aswan.

Luxury Egypt journeys

Luxury Egypt journeys will take you back to bygone era of more comfortable travel.

Egypt Unique journeys

Egypt unique journeys, Will let you see and feel the country by an Egyptian eyes.

Egypt Spiritual Journeys

Browse our Egypt Spiritual Journeys and book the best spiritual vacation to discover the mysteries of Egypt.

Cairo journeys

Cairo journeys & city breaks are designed for a stopover or a long weekend in Cairo.

Recommended Journeys to Egypt

Below you will find the best sale Egypt tours, excursions, and Egypt tour packages in the past 5 years. These day tours and tour packages are covering the most important site in Egypt. You will visit the most exciting places in Egypt.

  • 11 Day Cairo & Cruise 7 night

    This journey is the ideal way to see Egypt. Not only can you enjoy the wonderful ancient sites along the Nile, from Luxor to Aswan but also Visit famous Pyramids of Giza, feel an authen...
    From USD 2'160
    Book Now!
  • 5 Day Cairo & Nile Cruise

    This cultural tour will start in Cairo, where you'll explore the bustling city and visit the Pyramids of Giza, before embarking on a three-night cruise on the Nile River during which you'...
    From USD 1'200
    Book Now!
  • 12 Day Cairo, Cruise & Hurghada

    Explore the top sights of Egypt. Tailor-made Travel package for your holiday includes Cairo, Nile cruise and Red Sea in Hurghada. Visit the Giza Pyramids and the Sphinx, Old Cairo, and Saladin&rs...
    From USD 2'400
    Book Now!
  • 5 Day Cairo, Luxor & Alexandria

    Incredible journey with the excursions to the most valuable sightseeings of the country. Discover Great Pyramids of Giza, mysterious Sphinx and Egyptian Museum in Cairo, feel ancient atmosphere i...
    From USD 1'400
    Book Now!
  • 4 Day Cairo & Luxor

    The best way to feel the ancient atmosphere of Egypt it’s to visit Luxor. But what if this trip will contain also tour to Cairo and Giza? Right, you will get the most exciting experience of...
    From USD 1'040
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  • 10 Day Cairo, Alexandria, & the Nile

    On this 10-day tour of Egypt, enjoy the sites by land and sea. Begin in Cairo to visit the pyramids and the Sphinx. Then, fly to Luxor for some sightseeing, before boarding a multiday cruise alon...
    From USD 2'150
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  • Nile Cruise & Hurghada - 7 Days

    Hit the highlights of Egypt on this tour, enjoy the sites by Nile and Sea: Begin in Aswan to visit the Philae Temple and Aswan High Dam before boarding a multiday cruise along the Nile, with stop...
    From USD 1'500
    Book Now!
  • 4 Day Cairo Tour Package

    On this quick, eventful journey, experience the best of Cairo. Tour the Egyptian Museum, which includes antiques that date back 5,000 years. Then visit the pyramids and the Sphinx....
    From USD 725
    Book Now!
  • 8 Day Pyramids & Nile Cruise by Air

    Bask in the timeless majesty of ancient Egypt on an immersive journey through the land of the pharaohs, exploring its quintessential archaeological treasures with an expert tour guide, and cruise...
    From USD 1'900
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  • Luxor & Hurghada - 5 Days

    Grab your camera and your sense of adventure and make your way around Egypt's famous southern sites. From the city of Luxor to Hurghada on the Red Sea, this tour offers a taste of everything ...

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Planning our trip to Egypt took the better part of a year, but it was well worth it, and any concerns we...

Egypt receives World Travel and Tourism Council’s (WTTC) Safe Travel Stamp

CAIRO - 20 June 2020: The WTTC has approved Egypt’s regulation for the resumption of tourism to Egypt and offered the country the Safe Travel Stamp.

Egypt Visa Online

Leaving to Egypt soon? You can now apply for your Egypt visa online in three simple steps!

Egypt Daily Tours

If you ever find yourself in Egypt, there are always many exciting tours you can go on. We offer a wide variety of Egypt Egypt Daily Tours from any location in Egypt.

  • Tour to Pyramids & The Egyptian Museum

    Explore Ancient Egypt all in one day. Take in the Giza Pyramids of Cheops, Chephren and Mykreinus and the Sphinx before visiting the Egyptian Museum with the largest collection of Egyptian antiqu...
    From USD 85
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  • Abu Simbel Tour From Aswan

    Enjoy Abu Simbel Tour from Aswan by private car. Early in the morning, leave Aswan to visit the rock-cut temple of Ramesses ll on the west bank of the Nile at Abu Si...
    From USD 95
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  • Luxor East And West Bank Tour

    See the most famous sites around Luxor on both sides of the river in one day. Visit Karnak Temple and Luxor Temple on the East bank and then see the Valley of the Kings and Hatshepsut Temple on t...
    From USD 140
    Book Now!
  • Hurghada Luxor Day Trip

    Day Tour to Luxor from Hurghada, Discover Luxor Tour From Hurghada to see Egypt’s ‘open-air museum’. See Karnak Temple on the east bank of the Nile, as well as Hatshepsut Temple...
    From USD 130
    Book Now!
  • Day Tour to Luxor from Cairo by Plane

    Another popular option is combining a day trip to Luxor from Cairo by plane to discover the Valley of the Kings, the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut on the west bank Then see ...


A comprehensive Egypt travel guide to the history and culture of Egypt and all of the sites you will see during your Egypt tour. Egypt's history is much longer than most countries'. In over 5000 years, many important figures have emerged and countless events and tours have shaped history and culture in the Coptic Cairo, the great Luxor and Aswan by cruising the best Nile Cruises.

Egyptian Culture and Travel Info

Know more about the Egyptian culture and traditions, and check our Egypt travel advice list that you need to know for arrival in Egypt....

Egypt Destinations

Check our Egypt Travel Advice list and know more information about the Egyptian Travel Destinations that you need to know before you visit Egypt. Know more about Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor, Aswan, The Nile Valley

Ancient Egyptian History

Egypt's history is much longer than most countrys'. In over 5000 years, many important figures have emerged and countless events have shaped Egypt's history and culture. This brief overview will tell you about the most

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The average cost of an Egypt tour varies depending on factors such as duration, accommodation, activities and level of luxury. However, a moderate 7 to 10-day tour typically ranges from $1,500 to $3,000 per person, which includes major attractions such as the Pyramids of Giza, Luxor, and Aswan.

The best months for a Nile cruise are usually between October and April when the weather is mild and more comfortable for sightseeing. During these months, temperatures are cooler, and the risk of extreme heat is less, providing ideal conditions to explore Egypt's historical sites along the river.

A four-night cruise affords enough time to see the Nile’s major highlights including the temples of Luxor and Abu Simbel, while a more leisurely paced seven-night cruise reveals a wealth of additional less-frequented sites, such as Dra Abu Nag and the magnificent Medinet Habu, built by Ramses III.

Yes, visitors are allowed into select interior chambers of one of Giza’s three most iconic pyramids. The Giza Pyramid Complex (or Giza Necropolis) also comprises some ancillary pyramid complexes and the Great Sphinx of Giza.

Aswan and Abu Simbel are can’t-miss sites in Upper Egypt. Fronting the Nile, Aswan boast a wealth of monumental treasures, including the Philae temple complex, the Temple of Isis and the Temple of Khnum. Located southwest of Aswan, the small Nubian village of Abu Simbel is renowned for its two massive rock-cut temples, both built during the reign of King Ramses II (1200 BC).

Egyptologists are experts who study the language, history and culture of ancient Egypt, a period dating back to 7,000 BC. Their skillsets span humanities disciplines such as literary theory to hard sciences, including the physics of radiocarbon dating. Leading every journey to Egypt, all of JtE Guides and Resident Tour Directors are also trained Egyptologists, revealing privileged insights every step of the way.

Yes, a tourist visa is required for U.S. and Canadian passport holders for entry into Egypt. JtE recommends an electronic visa (eVisa). To apply online, visit