Sleeper Train Cairo - Luxor –Aswan

TRAIN & CABIN FACILITIES At Journey To Egypt Tours, We believe in providing our guests with the highest quality of services in order to make their trip as comfortable and memorable as possible. With a staff of well-trained professionals, we have what it takes to make sure that your first sleeping train experience with us won't be your last.

TRAINS: The full capacity of the train is 13 sleeping cars each, which contains 10 double cabins, in addition to an exclusive CLUB CAR.

Cabin Equipment: - Every Cabin has a connecting door with the next cabin, to be used when needed. - Cabins are equipped with basins, razor plugs, tap water, soap & towels. - A luggage compartment is available on the top of the door. CLUB CAR After having dinner, you can enjoy your time at the Club Car with its stylish design, which is equipped to offer your choice of drinks, served either at the bar, or in the comfort of your private cabin.

Each cabin has the following control buttons: - A music audio volume control. - Cabin temperature control. - A private reading lamp control. - Cabin light. - Call of steward.

FOOD MENU Breakfast: - Assortment of plain croissant, toast & French bread. - Cheese. - Butter. - Olives. - Jam. - Tea or Nescafe. Dinner: - A choice of either fish with potato or fillet steak with potato. - Chicken with vegetables. - Rice. - Green Salad & Yogurt Salad. - Bread & Butter. - Fresh Fruit. - Dessert.

ENR Train Types

The following table shows the different types of trains:


Air-conditioned 1'st & 2'nd classes. Sometimes called French (pronounced -faransawi- in Arabic).


Air-conditioned 1'st & 2'nd classes. Sometimes called Spanish (pronounced -asbani- in Arabic).


Air-conditioned 1'st and 2'nd class. Pronounced -tourbini- in Arabic.


Luxurious carriages that may be appended to a train. It has compartments, each has 6 comfortable seats. Its fare is heigher than the first three types.


Luxurious trains that runs only between Cairo and Luxor/Aswan. The ENR sleeping trains are operated by a private company called ABELA.


Only 2'nd and 3'rd classes (not air-conditioned). Stops at villages and centers. Tickets are issued directly at the station with no prior reservation.

The site covers only the first three types where most of the ENR traffic exist. Following is a simple comparison between the capabilities of the first three types:

Faster : Turbine -> Speed -> Express

Fewer Stops : Turbine -> Speed -> Express

Higher Fares :Turbine -> Speed -> Express

ADVICE When you query or reserve on a train, the TRAIN NUMBER is your key. Also the reserved ticket has the Wagon and Seat numbers printed on it.

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